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Hello, my name is Mark!

Probably could have asked a question before now. Everyone wants to say what they think is best.

I made my vaping into a hobby. So many directions to go beyond just taking a "drag". I am grateful to be able to smell, taste, and not stink. Actually, women like to kiss me a lot more, too.

Rather than just opening a cig box putting one



UK Vaping Scene

Hi There,

I was wondering what the UK Vape scene is experiencing in terms of high quality e-liquids/juices?

Are there any good UK made e-liquids available?

What the typical prices for the consumer's for these premium liquids?

Is there any want for any USA made e-liquids?

Please let me know!

Thanks for your time!



Maybe want a new setup

Congrats on starting to quit. I want to add a few things first before I recommend a setup.

First, I used to be a pack a day smoker. when I bought my first Ecig, it did not totally satisfy my urges. Even though the Nicotine was there, there are other chemicals in a cigarette you're addicted to. So, Ecigs aren't a perfect



Memphians I need your help!

ok, so i normally smoke Newport 100's been smoking them for some 19 years now. i'm looking for that kick. i got a few menthol flavors, some make me couch because they hurt my throat, and some i just cant taste at all...

What would be a suggestion for me? I'm so lost & i've went 3 days without a cigarette. the liquid i have is by



Seven 30 Mod - Help Please

I have a seven 30 mod, currently being used with a naturevape 1.4ohms coil in a protank 2.

Despite having set my wattage on the mod to around 8w, when I fire the mod, it fires at around 10.5w

Basically, if the mod is set to10.5 w or lower, the mod ignores the setting and fires it at 10.5w anyway.

However. when I set it to 12w, it fires



Any recommendations for a [tobacco] pipe smoker new to vaping?

I enjoy pipe and hookah smoking for the flavors, and have little interest in nicotine content.

Any particular brands or flavors I should look for?



Getting a warm vape from a MVP 2.0?

Quote Originally Posted by DWrightView Post
Thanks guys.

Hmm, how do I explain. Kind of like the same warmth you get when you smoke a regular cigarette 1/2 way down.

You need more than an MVP can do then. You really need to get closer to 1ohm coils to start getting that sort of warmth, IMO.

The version 2 aerotank coils come in a 0.8, yes the MVP can



Greetings to the vaping community

Hello and welcome to the forum MrFume. Glad to have you here!Greetings to the vaping community

Once you get in your first 5 posts and the server updates at :25 past the hour you will be able to post in the Australia - New Zealand Forum. Read all the "stickies".

Perhaps you will find lots of information on where to look for hardware and juice.Greetings to the vaping community



Bottom feed atty's

They are sold out right now but BF Odin is pretty good.

Odin - RDA - Bottom Feeder | Loki Lab



bluetooth ECIG!!!

Quote Originally Posted by munkeeboy2View Post

What's next.... IPhone 7 with 510 connection lol

The Vape Case by Lotus Iphone 5 5s/5c Case & 4 stage Variable Voltage – Idealvape

Btw, the video you attached, I love how at the end, they claim they were the first to introduce e-cigs to people. They are a Dutch company, and a



A couple of questions 2 weeks into vaping

Congrats on the success so far.

In answer to your questions...

1. Pretty much all flavoured juice is going to have some trace scent, but ones that I've found that don't linger so much would be:

* menthol
* spearmint
* orange, peach, watermelon

Ones to avoid, IME, would be:

* cakes and pies
* absinthe, licorice
* berries (cherry, blackberry,



Question re builds

First, a few questions for you.

1. Do you have an ohm reader or a DMM to measure your builds?
2. What battery are you using (brand/mAh/amp rating)?
3. Have you read up on battery safety, ohms law, amp draw?



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